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We have the pleasure to introduce our company for your kind reference and future action.  |  LibMar Shipping Agency is pleased to provide its services in various shipping activities  Shipping Agency &  protecting - Ship Chandlers - Chartering & Brokers - Forwarding & Handling Containers  - Customs Clearance - Land transportation

We are committed to high quality services on a 24/7 basis. | The aim of our company is to give its customers the latest information and news, thus enabling them to make the right decision at right place. |   LibMar  Shipping Agency is operated by a group of shipping professionals, some veteran and some new, who are able to offer ship owners and charters first-class services attending their vessels and cargoes with efficiency and expertise. |  LibMar Shipping Agency is uniquely ahead in performance and reliance, through its prestigious and distinguished staff of selected Shipping expertise, enjoying wide experience in Shipping & Maritime Services field at all Libyan Ports & Petroleum. | We look forward to your response, and hope for  a prosperous future mutual benefit of our companies. 

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